PROMIX M-60-S-TS staţie de beton

PROMIX M-60-S-TS staţie de beton
Fotografie: PROMIX M-60-S-TS staţie de beton
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145.000 €
Preţ net
≈ 171.187 $
≈ 671.814 RON
Tip staţie de beton
Anul 2017
Prima înmatriculare 2017
Locul de amplasare România SAVINESTI
Data publicării dec 09, 2017
Autoline ID ZW13301
Productivitate 60 m3/or
Rezervor pentru apă 1000 l
Stare nou
Informaţie suplimentară:
Concrete Plant PROMIX M-60-S-TS, with a real capacity of 60 m3 / hour. Concrete plants produced by Pro Soft SRL incorporate the latest technology available being built with components from renowned international manufacturers such as: WAM Italia, Germany HBM, and the automation part is equipped by the company ProSoft Electronic with service and support 24/24 in more than 20 countries.
Main Components
1. Line aggregate bunker - 4 compartments -Capacity = 4 x 14 mc Total 52 m3;
2. Dosage aggregate flaps – Pneumatic action;, Camozzi Italia
3. Band scales 800x12000 mm;
4. Aggregate power supply system - with band
a. Power supply capacity: dry/production 2250 x1500 CM ITALY
6. Cement scales 2500 Kg;Strain doses Laumas italia
7. Water weighing system
a. . water injection system mixer measured with pulse meter, 1 liter
8. Scales for additives ,gravimetric, for 2 additives
a. Dosage pump liquid additive – for 2 additives, 2 pumps
9. Screens for cement - Diameter Ø 219; WAM/ POFFER ITALIA
10. Cement silos capacity 40 tons (mobile type) 2 pieces
11. Compressor, 500,00 liters / min, buffer vessel of 200 liters
12. Mixing tower
13. Control booth operator equipped with air-conditioning
a. Quick electric couplings for assembly / disassembly
14. PC automated control system - In French/English/German
a. Command and control system provided and installed by PRO SOFT ELECTRONIC
15. High voltage cabinet, equipped by SRACHK GERMANIA
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