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cap tractor DAF FT XF480 DAF FT XF480 44.500 EUR Cap tractor 2019-04-25 501895 km Polonia, Sobiekursk, Warszawy
cap tractor DAF XF 480 FT DAF XF 480 FT 47.100 EUR Cap tractor 2019 539913 km Polonia, Olsztyn
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 2
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 3
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 4
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 5
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 6
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 7
cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 8
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cap tractor DAF DAF XF480 imagine 11
Marca DAF
Modelul DAF XF480
Tip cap tractor
Anul 02/2019
Prima înmatriculare 2019-02-01
Kilometraj 583900 km
Locul de amplasare Polonia 55-080
Data publicării mai mult de o lună
Autoline ID WX34083
Rezervor de combustibil 2 unit., 1215 l (690 l + 525 l)
Marca DAF MX-13
Forţă 483 c.p. (355 kW)
Combustibil diesel
Euro Euro 6
Cutii de viteze
Marca DAF DAF TraXon 12TX2210
Tip TraXon
Numărul de viteze 12
Număr de axe 2
Formula roţilor 4x2
Bară de suspensie resort/pneumo
Ax din faţă 1
Dimensiunea cauciucului 315/60R22.5
Soldul cauciucului 75 %
Ax din spate 1
Dimensiunea cauciucului 295/60R22.5
Soldul cauciucului 60 %
Tip SuperSpace
Cuşetă de dormit 2
Sisteme de încălzire
Computer de bord
Scaune pneumatice
Sistem de alarmă
Limitator de viteză
Lampi de ceață
Completare adăugătoare
Rezervor AdBlue
Stare second hand
Informaţie suplimentară
Culoare roşu

Informaţie suplimentară — Cap tractor DAF DAF XF480

First owner.
Polish distribution.
Full service history.
A complete set of documents.
DAF service contracts through the entire period of use.
95% of kilometers done on highways
Our company has own truck service therefore, why cars are well maintained.
We are big transport and forwarding company with 30 years experience, you buy directly from the first hand.

Tires Michelin
condition – FRONT – 75%
condition – REAR – 60%
Luxury driver seat

Cab exterior
01760 Super Space Cab
01226 Cab suspension air
01174 External sun visor green translucent
02947 LED head lights
00205 Head light beam for right-hand traffic
15103 LED daytime running lights
09983 Fog lights
06593 Skylights
01551 Front view mirror
00080 Central door lock system, 2 keys, 2 RC units

04408 Fixed roof air deflector
04906 Side collars

06150 Solid cab colour
06485 Head lamp panel and bumper: cab colour
00733 Lower step cab colour, cab steps and wing Grey
02320 Air intake, grip and mirror covers black
06018 Cab colour roof air deflector
06067 Colour of side collars: cab colour
03708 C4P500GRY Chassis colour grey

Cab interior
01846 Left-hand drive (LHD)
09270 Soft grip steering wheel, black colour
07151 Cab interior trim colour Dark Sand
08880 Door covering: soft woven fabric
07733 Driver seat: Luxury Air
09541 Arm rest driver seat
07740 Co-driver seat: basic
03601 Seat belts black
06539 Refrigerator
03402 Preparation for air blow gun
09602 Lower bunk without drawer
06783 Lower bunk foam mattress
01066 Upper bunk
08771 Protection net upper bunk / luggage carrier
06340 Curtains, with dividing curtain
06970 Automatic Cab Climate Control
02279 Auxiliary cab heater with residual heat pump
13603 Pollen filter
09794 Roof hatch glass, electric control
12979 Window openers: electric
02850 Accessory power supply: standard
07608 ECAS remote control with extended functions

Communication and driving management
15104 Universal FMS connector
09681 Preparation for Maut
02549 Scale speedometer km/h
06923 Speed limiter setting 85 km/h
07117 Radio/USB player, 2 speakers
06991 Predictive Cruise Control 15105 Driver Performance Assistant

Safety and security
09992 Lane Departure Warning System
09491 Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
02975 Basic engine immobiliser
02890 ADR, class AT

Suspension and axles
02472 Front: 8.00 t, parabolic, 163N
08039 Front axle 1, 8000 kg, tyre load index 156
03583 Rear: 11.50 t, air suspension, SR1344
08078 Rear axle 1, 11500 kg, tyre load index 145
08191 Axle load monitoring
06128 Single driving height position, standard height

Wheels and tyres
03010 Front axle(s): 315/60R22.5 04510 Driven rear axle(s): 295/60R22.5
03088 Michelin
08101 No tyre pressure monitoring
06878 Disc wheels steel, silvergrey
03692 Wheel protection rings silvergrey 16030
16027 R1,295/60R22.5MI XLED 150/147 K Traction BBA 3P

01737 Engine MX-13, 355 kW/483 hp. Cab Badge: 480
03600 Exhaust emission Euro 6
07111 Eco fuel
01553 Engine idle shutdown, 5 minutes
07102 Automated gearbox, TraXon, 12 speeds
01797 12-speed TraXon 12TX2210 DD, 16.69-1.00
02917 Automated gearbox without manual control-Lite vers
07101 Standard transport, Lite version
09302 Rear axle ratio 2.05 13776 Mechanical diff lock 03721 ASR

Brake system
02366 MX Engine Brake
06195 Park brake control with test position
06127 Driven rear axle with disc brakes
14158 Brake Performance Monitoring

06421 Wheelbase 3.80 m / rear overhang 0.87 m
00333 Side member 260/7.0 mm, no reinforcement
01179 Standard component location
06610 Exhaust pipe horizontal, low
09420 EAS unit right-hand side Low Deck
01046 1 circuit steering system
00952 EU steering certificate
08640 Air tanks steel
07295 Aluminium fuel tanks 690+525 l, height 580 mm
07972 Fuel tanks left and right
07061 Tank for AdBlue® 90 l, on left-hand mudguard
06490 Front underrun protection (FUP)
06606 Catwalk with step, standard
07050 Catwalk step left-hand side
06330 Rear mudguards
06332 Spray suppression
03323 Rear light with LEDs

Drawbar and trailer equipment
01712 JOST JSK42 cast iron 150+12mm
07430 Mounting plate standard
03276 King pin diameter 2 inches
03183 Fifth wheel KA dimension 670 mm
07780 Length fifth wheel profile: standard
06584 Pneumatic trailer connection palm type
00365 Elec tr conn 24V/15 pins, cables: 15 pins + EBS
15106 Trailer connection storage box
Electrical power supply
00667 Alternator 80 A, batteries 2x 230 Ah

00116 Chassis weight related technical GVM max 19500 kg
03673 Driveline related max GCM 44000 kg class 2
01450 Type plate standard

Application conditions
09003 Application class 0
09985 Standard noise level
00805 Maximum ambient temperature 38 degrees
03647 Air intake high

Service and maintenance
04834 Standard Warranty - 1Y Full - 2nd year DL - 1Y BD 12495 ITS service
08310 Service interval standard

Vehicle delivery
08041 Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) 02019 Standard toolkit
16149 CO2 indication: Y
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